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Marital/Couples Therapy

With more than half of marriages in America ending in divorce, it is no secret that couples face a myriad of stressors, including financial, work-related, parenting, and other unexpected stressors. In addition, most parents agree that dealing with a difficult child can put cracks in even the most solid relationship. Our directive, skills-based couples therapy can assist in strengthening your parenting team, improving communication and problem-solving skills, and increasing intimacy.

Blended families and divorcing couples

Many veterans of divorce with children know that splitting up doesn’t mean you can live life without ever being involved with your former spouse again. In fact, a child cements your involvement with each other for the rest of your lives! However, the good news is that involvement doesn’t need to be filled with drama and conflict.

Divorce and remarriage can be times of both great renewal and great turmoil. People need real-life, practical ways to make the transition as smooth as possible. Even families who have been divorced for a long time need help managing conflict and making sure everyone knows their roles. Children often need help coping with parent conflict or dealing with an uninvolved or sporadically involved parent.

Believe it or not, most marriages can be dissolved without hurt and conflict by following some time-proven strategies that pace the timing of getting divorced and remarried with the needs of your children. We can help you tell your children about your decision to separate and divorce in a way that they can still have a sense of security at home amidst the change. If fact, there are very effective ways to help your children become part of the process as much as possible so that they don’t feel helpless or develop behavior problems.

With divorce being so prevalent, why reinvent the wheel to manage it or struggle without guidance when so many families have found solutions through trial and error! We can share with you many ways to keep a strong co-parenting team while making academic and financial decisions for your children. We can also show you how to unite as a team and work as two separate households to manage children and adolescents. Step-parents need help navigating new terrain with sometimes unwilling children. Step-parents can benefit from what veteran step-parents know about being a friend first while parenting behind the scenes and becoming a parent later if necessary.

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