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Lisa Crandell, Ph.D.

Dr. Crandell received her Ph.D. in Child/Family Clinical Psychology from Michigan
State University in 1994. For the past 25 years she has been living and working in
Europe, most recently as the Director of a learning support program at a private K-12
school in Switzerland. In this capacity, she conducted psychoeducational evaluations to
diagnose ADHD, learning differences and emotional/behavioral disorders that impact
learning and development. The results of the evaluations were used to develop
individualized learning support programs within the school setting and in liaison with
external testing agencies (College Board, ACT and IB), helped students obtain
accommodations on external standardized tests.

In addition to psychoeducational assessments, Dr. Crandell provides psychotherapy to
children, adults and families who are experiencing emotional distress for a variety of
reasons, including: ADHD and learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, attachment
disorders, life stress, divorce, and bereavement. Her speciality is working with
attachment and the implications this has for personal development and interpersonal
relatedness. She has presented her research on attachment in numerous international
conferences and has published articles in peer-reviewed journals. She has also taught
undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology, child development, and clinical
assessment at universities abroad and in the U.S.

Finally, Dr. Crandell is a qualified teacher of the Mindfulness Based Stress Program
(MBSR) through the University of Massachusetts Medical School. MBSR is an
evidence-based program designed to teach specific tools and strategies for recognizing
and reducing the negative impact of stress on the body and mind. It is a very effective
way of alleviating difficulties in relation to diverse physical ailments (such as chronic
pain, migraines, cancer, and other autoimmune disorders) and psychological conditions
(most notably anxiety and depression), as well as enhancing the overall quality of life.
She offers individual and/or small group sessions in mindfulness stress-management.

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