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Family Therapy

Family: A source of strength and change…

Here at the Hockessin Center for Change we know that family is the most important aspect of our busy, complicated lives. Although we hold our children, spouses, parents and siblings closest to our hearts, ironically, family can be the place where our most difficult struggles in life occur. No one can frustrate us more than our family members, yet our families can also be the most powerful source of change.

Real-life, practical ways to bring about change…

Family therapy can be the most productive, rewarding and efficient way to make meaningful change in your lives and get things back on track. Unfortunately, children don’t come with manuals, and there are challenges in parenting children at each stage of development. From toddlers’ temper tantrums to lack of communication with teenagers, parents can often use assistance in negotiating these difficult stages. Family therapists at the Hockessin Center for Change have worked with numerous families over the years and can share with you dozens of concrete strategies that have worked with other clients. For example, we have found a step-by-step approach that can be customized to help parents balance love and limits with the most difficult children and teens.

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